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About Us

At The Kansas City Steak Shoppe® we start with the finest "high yield" USDA Choice or Prime beef available. This ensures proper marbling in each steak to produce that deep, rich natural beef flavor on your grill. Then our beef is slowly and naturally aged for up to 21 days to gently break apart the muscle fibers and further enhance the flavor without the use of chemicals or additives.

When the primal cuts of beef have been aged to perfection, each steak is individually and painstakingly hand-cut and trimmed by skilled meat craftsmen - under the watchful eyes of United States Department of Agriculture meat inspectors. Then, it's encased in a heavy, protective Bi-vac packaging to prevent dehydration and 'freezer burn'. Finally, to seal in the delicate juices and retain the nutritional value, the product is BLAST frozen at a chill index of more than 40 degrees BELOW zero!!

Because we know our future is wrapped in every package, when we receive your order for a shipment of our steaks or other products, we treat you order as though WE were giving the gift ourselves. (We believe that's one reason our customers have depended on us for years - and purchase from us over and over again.)

Each order is carefully packed in a sturdy urethane foam container and nestled in enough dry ice to keep the temperature well below zero degrees until the shipment reaches its destination. Which is why we can guarantee perfect delivery EVERY time (as long as we've been provided with the correct address of your recipient.)

If your order is to be given as a gift, we also include a thoughtful, hand-lettered gift card in addition to our own Quality Control card (so we know how your shipments were received.) Just one more reason that, year after year, we ARE Kansas City's MOST-TRUSTED name in steaks!