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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for shipping?

Our standard shipping, typically next day delivery anywhere in the 'Heart of America' (KS, NE, MO, and IA) is $6.95.   Standard delivery anywhere else in the continental United States (usually second day) is just $9.95 more per gift box; however, for 'rush' shipments or for destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii there is an additional charge, depending on the destination.

How soon do you ship after you have received my order?

Because our delicious products are all perishable, and usually sent as gifts, when we ship depends on when you want your shipment to arrive.. To avoid having perishable products sitting in a shipping company's warehouse over a weekend, we usually ship on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.

Do you offer 'next day' delivery?

Yes.  All shipments to locations in MO, KS, IA and NE (and a few other areas) will arrive the next day using our standard shipping.   But, our products can be sent 'overnight' and delivered anywhere in the Continental United States for an additional charge (the amount depends on where the shipment is going.) For next day delivery, we must receive your order by 10:00 a.m. Central Time on the day of shipment. For further details, call us at 1-800-6-FILETS or 913-888-5000.

What is the guarantee on your products?

If your recipients are not thrilled with the quality of any products they receive from us, we'll replace the product at our expense.

What if I am not sure of the best gift choice for my recipient?

Our Free Gift Selection Certificate Service is really your best bet. Click here and see why.

Do you advertise to, or solicit business from, the people I send gifts to?

NEVER!! And we don't sell our mailing list, either.  

Can I phone, fax or mail in my order using a form?

Yes, Click HERE for order forms.